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What it feels like to be the last generation to remember life before the internet

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Technology has a lot to answer for: killing old businesses, destroying the middle class, Buzzfeed. Technology in the form of the internet is especially villainous, having been accused of everything from making us dumber (paywall) to aiding dictatorships. But Michael Harris, riffing on the observations of Melvin Kranzberg, argues that “technology is neither good nor evil. The most we can say about it is this: It has come.”

Harris is the author of “The End of Absence: Reclaiming What We’ve Lost in a World of Constant Connection,” a new book about how technology affects society. It follows in the footsteps of Nicholas Carr, whose “The Shallows” is a modern classic of internet criticism. But Harris takes a different path from those that have come before. Instead of a broad investigation into the effects of constant connectivity on human behaviour, Harris looks at a very specific demographic: people born before…

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The full extent of what urban India believes about menstruation is extraordinary


gah!! TRUE :O

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In his first Independence Day speech, prime minister Narendra Modi discomfited the country when he stressed on the pain and diseases many Indian women are vulnerable to because they do not have access to toilets and have to control their urges till after dark. Hardly any other prime minister has discussed sanitation for women so frankly and openly.

While that is bad enough, attitudes about another normal female bodily function—menstruation—are even more rooted in superstition. The extent of ignorance regarding menstruation has been documented in a recent study by sanitary napkin maker Whisper and market researcher IPSOS. The survey was conducted among more than 1,100 respondents from across India.

The results show that the stranglehold of custom and superstition is not easing even in urban areas.

A majority of women believe that they should not touch a pickle jar during their periods. They also don’t water plants, enter temples, cook food or sleep in the same bed as their…

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16 Things We Forget To Thank Our College Friends For

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1. For the time they gave us a place to sleep when we couldn’t stand our psychotic roommate for one more minute.

2. For befriending us at freshman orientation when we were petrified and lost, and actually sticking around for the next four years. (Not everybody gets that.)

3. For travelling insane distances just to come see us for a few days over the breaks, because you both knew they’d be unbearable otherwise.

4. Not just for the “wild party nights,” but for the days you sat out and did nothing at all. For afternoons drinking on the grass and talking over lunch.

5. For remaining friends with us through semesters abroad and time taken off and total meltdowns that one semester that everybody just lost it (you know which one I’m talking about too.)

6. For all the times they went out of their way to eat lunch twice so you’d have someone to…

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The commercial that’s going to win all the awards

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Well, when the ad maestro Piyush Pandey himself casts a magical spell on a campaign, it doesn’t come as a surprise that the entire nation was moved.

This one’s a commercial that’s bound to sweep all the awards. It’s so insightful that it’s almost scary. Scary in the sense that the makers of the ad seem to directly speak to you than to a general audience.

The casting is flawless and the script, exemplary. This four minute video builds up like a story that doesn’t reveal the product right until the end. When you see it, you know that there couldn’t have been a simpler connect.

Watch. Weep. Repeat.

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This Week’s madness.



My mother is almost never happy when I cut my hair. It appears to me that she thinks ‘hair’ is a women’s priced possession. I know the general myth, or maybe a clinically proven myth that when you undergo pregnancy and stuff, you lose a lot of hair which is inevitable. But growing and maintaining long hair ain’t a piece of cake.

 I am not the actual version of ‘I-love-my-hair’ girl. I have suffered with severe sinusitis and headaches when I wash my hair and tried to let it dry. Since my mom does not like blow dryers, I have to sit alone with my damp hair or maybe hunt for sunshine to dry it. I don’t understand what’s the whole fuss about it. My mothers seems unhappy about me cutting my hair.

 Another thing I deeply regret now is my accidental experiment with my laptop. I have mentioned in my previous entries that I spilled coffee all over it and I was guessing it’s fried. Well, maybe it is fried. The accident happened during the warranty period, so the insurance covers it for the damages. I have learnt that I cannot simply share my home computer with my parents. Privacy seems to be a big deal these days. And everyone wants to have a cubicle of private space on the internet. I never log out from my social accounts. May it be facebook or twitter or tumblr for that matter. Since the laptop was co-owned by me, I thought it was ‘okay’ to not log out from these websites. I had a lot of romantic, underwritten poetic bullshit saved as drafts in it. I had journal entries saved in Microsoft Word. I had pictures of hot models and cheesy quotes on my folders. Now I feel almost paralyzed since its gone. I was happy before it, but since it’s summer and I am on my vacation and college is about to start in 3 weeks, I wanna spend some quality time with myself. That’s vague to tell but, you know I like being alone with the things I love.


My parents swore they’ll never buy me books. That sent me to tantrums like a kid. I was protesting as if I am seeking freedom for something. I finished reading Perks Of Being A Wallflower in a day. That depresses me and makes me happy. I loved the story. Raw, unadultered emotions. It’s chaos being a teenager in this generation. And if you’re growing in a traditionally woven country where everyone seems to be weirdly involved in some religious/political belief, then well, you’re screwed.


 I was Charlie from the book. I am definitely him. The odds are that I don’t cry much and I can take my own decisions. But when it comes to understanding people and complicate relationships.. I am a pseudonym of Hollywood actresses. I just try to flaunt over their style. Like use funny words and laugh a lot. That scares people, especially boys. I am sorry. I am okay with having a family, maybe they are okay with having me. I wish someone would gift me more books for my birthday. Or they can give me money and I will buy those books.

 18 years spent after landing on this planet. I am still alive and somewhere my soul regrets it. I have quite been a person. A very weird person. I hope college teaches me more things than make me build my nutshell bigger and indestructible by the society. It’s a brave new world. Scary yet promising.